How to Remove Injuries Bruising With Natural

بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

How to Remove Injuries Bruising With Natural. Bruises is a condition in which the state of the blood in our body menjad frozen or can not flow because of the trauma so that blood circulation can not be run as it should, bruises can also be caused by many things, such as a fall, hit a blow or because it is ridiculous, for example, kejedot table. nah actually bruises can we eliminate in a short time, if you know how you can do it.
Bruises usually this will be purple or turquoise, bruising is very painful though bloodless, when you have bruises, you should immediately treat it, maybe this time there are a lot of products that are sold in the market, which claim to be able to treat bruises quickly, but for those of you who like nature, you can treat bruises in a natural way, as follows.

First concoction
You can treat bruises by using herb that this first, that is made from the leaves of the gods as well as red ginger, leaves this god emngandung analgesia or pain relief, while red ginger have a sense that Anas, so that would make bruised skin you become better and can warm the body

Your blender Earlier material (leaves of the gods as well as red ginger) then you taste boiled with boiling water, then you strain, you take the water alone, then you enter into a glass, you drink every other day until you have healed bruises ,

Second Potion

For the second potion that we only need a god leaves, Siantan leaves and flowers, and roses.

How to make your boiled or mashed all the ingredients you before, and then you cook with boiling water, you take the water course, you can use the filter, you drink this concoction once a day.

In addition to using herbs you can also use other means, including the following:
Compress With Ice Cube

This I usually do when I have bruises, by compressing the bruises I use ice cubes. You just provide ice cubes to taste, your dressing with a clean cloth, and then you stick it on your bruises, guaranteed to be lost.

Compress With Warm Water

In addition to using cold water, you can use warm water to treat bruises you, is easy enough, you provide warm water, then you also provide fabric berish, you dip a clean cloth in warm water, then you wipe or you stick to the wound your bruises.

Now that's some way that we can do to treat bruises, good luck.
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