How to Remove Back Acne

بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

How to Eliminate Acne Squad - Acne has become a problem that is excruciating, acne and not only come in the face, even appear on the back, head and body parts of others, acne can occur because of bacteria and fungi present in our skin , well for those of you who are having problems acne in the back, do not worry, because on this occasion I will share an information that I have written this article about how to treat acne on his back. okay with it, following How To Eliminate Acne On Back.

Doing Scrub In Squad
How to remove acne the first thing on your back is to do scrub on backs on a regular basis, as we do scrub the dead cells that cover pimples will be lifted, so that the acne will get better soon, you can also use a scrub with not too rough on your back, to leave no scars.

For problems scrub, you can make a scrub yourself, how to mix sugar white, honey and lime juice, then you mix into one, then apply on the back that have acne, then you let stand a few minutes, and then you rinse, then you spread with lotion.

Using Anti-Bacterial Soap
One of the causes of acne on your back is because of the cleanliness of the skin that is not maintained, for example, is using the same clothes, never replace in the long term. but it is also because the bath is less clear, therefore, how to eliminate by way of cleaning your back by using anti-bacterial soap, anti-bacterial soap will make your spine become more awake kebersihanya. so if you are into clean skin on the back of Dair bacteria, acne will disappear fast, so nah.

Wearing Lemon
How to Eliminate acne on your back is to use lemon next, you may already be familiar with lemon, yap, lemon does have many benefits for the beauty and health of our bodies, do not be surprised if we rely lemon to get rid of acne on our backs.

Because at this lemon contains a lot of vitamin C and B, as well as carbohydrates and substances other beneficial to remove the black spots on our backs sera treat acne, how membuatya quite easy, you take a lemon, then you split into two, then you squeeze and you add a little water, then you rub the cotton wear evenly across your back, let stand for a few minutes, and then you rinse thoroughly.

Now that's some way that we can do to relieve and treat acne on our backs, by performing some ways above, Insha Allah your back acne will disappear.
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