How to Make Es Campur

بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

Es Campur favorites

Mixed ice is a favorite food in Ramadan, apparently many seasonal traders who opened the place selling es campur. It was a sweet and mixed with ice and fresh fruit to make es campur into a special Iftar meal after fasting for 10 hours more. Not only children, parents and grandparents did I sense also likes es campur. Therefore, it would be nice if you could make es campur at home, of course, when making es campur at home, we can adjust the taste of fruits. In addition, we can save more costs, because I think it makes itself less if we make it in the major portion of a lot or portion.

Campur Es is good for health

Ice mix proved to have many benefits and good for health. We can observe, the variety of fruits contained in mixed ice increase the variety of vitamins contained in mixed ice. Additionally, sweetened condensed milk contains proteins that are good for the body. Sugar in mixed ice useful for power. Please note in addition to carbohydrates, sugar turns are also a source of power, why is this so? The process of chemical digestion in the mouth and in the digestive organs by ptyalin and amylase enzymes that function convert carbohydrates into sugars, then when we eat sugar the same function with the formation of energy by carbohydrates.

Taqiyuddin Al Hushni, author of the book narrates Akhyar Kifayatul Ar Rauyani opinion which states thus:

"Recommended breaking the fast with dates or if not then with water, based on the hadith. because the sweet things that strengthens the body and the water it cleanses the body. Ar Rauyani said: 'if there are no dates then with a sweet tooth. because fasting weakens the outlook and strengthen the palm, and sweet things that convey the same date ' "(Kifayatul Akhyar, 200)."

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It is always advisable to break the fast by eating or drinking something sweet. Why should they and why?
As quoted from automatically while fasting the body's metabolism will slow down. Nutrition stored at dawn many disappear after a day of activity. Because it does not get nutrition for 14 hours, the stored energy is reduced, too. Therefore intake of sweet foods or drinks is very important during fasting.
Sweet foods or drinks are a source of calories easily processed by the body quickly. So sweet foods play a role in restoring energy and stamina that has gone very quickly as well. Besides the sweet taste can improve blood sugar levels in the body. Feeling weak during fasting usually occurs due to lower sugar levels in the body. Increased levels of this sugar then help restore the body's metabolic functions returned to normal.
With the statement, after eating dates or if there are no dates, es campur was suitable for Iftar.

Es Campur Recipe

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To make es campur is not too hard, you do not need special skills or even professional skill to be able to make es campur, even teenagers smell kencur was also able to make it, but it's very dangerous if that makes children because in the making involving knives and so on. In addition, the materials are also easily available in traditional markets in general are the ingredients to make es campur is complete, do not have to import materials from abroad :) enough to market it. The tools used are also not difficult, just enough knives and spoons course I think all wrong.

Immediately, those who want to know how to make, please refer to the following procedure:

Es Campur ingredient:

  • shaved ice (or can be replaced with an ice cube if no) to taste
  • 2 cups (400 ml) syrup to taste (preferably red syrup)
  • 200 grams of seaweed
  • 1 cup (200 mL) sweetened condensed milk (preferably white)
  • 200 grams of cassava, cut into pieces according to taste
  • 200 grams of black grass jelly, cut into cuboid
  • 200 grams of young coconut meat, scraped (can use a spoon)
  • 200 grams kolang forth that has been boiled and thinly sliced

Other ingredient:

  • 200 grams of jackfruit, cut into tiny little
  • 200 grams of melon, cut into small little
  • Strawberries taste, then cut into medium size

How to Make Es Campur:

  1. First, prepare a large bowl of es campur containers!
  2. Second, enter the young coconut meat, fro, cassava, black grass jelly, and seaweed that had been prepared earlier in the bowl!
  3. Third, add fruits on it!
  4. Fourth, put crushed ice or ice cubes to taste! Then flush or pour syrup on it!
  5. Fifth, pour sweetened condensed milk! Serve!
That is the steps on how to make es campur, is not it? It is a recipe for making es campur in large portions, but if you want to make in small portions, you can adjust the amount of material. However, it is better if made in large portions only, and then divided into several portions with the family. But for those who want to serve for big events such as weddings, of course, requires a very large portion and adapted to the invited guests. So first article on es campur, may be useful.
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