Differences Between Arteries and Veins

بِسْــــــــــــــــمِ اﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ اارَّحِيم

Organ Circulatory

One of the human circulatory organs are the blood vessels. According to Wikipedia the blood vessels are "part of the circulatory system that transport blood throughout the body." According to Wikipedia nevertheless, the blood vessels is divided into three parts, but for the moment I will discuss two types of course are the arteries (arteries) and veins (veins) for adjusting the title. From the definition contains the word circulation, then we can conclude (narrowly) that there are blood vessels that enter and nothing comes out. Rather than confused, confused thinking my narrow opinion, just read about the difference between arteries and veins.
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  1. Located away from the surface of the skin (very deep)
  2. pulse feels
  3. Blood flows from the heart (out of the heart)
  4. Blood streamed containing oxygen
  5. Thick and elastic
  6. Blood flow fast
  7. Having a single valve, which is located near the heart
  8. Blood gushing when injured
  9. Blood is more difficult to freeze
  10. Bright red color of the arteries
  11. A smaller diameter (due to vessel wall thickness that is different)


  1. Situated near the surface kult
  2. Pulse is not felt
  3. The flow of blood to the heart
  4. Blood streamed contain a lot of carbon dioxide
  5. Thin and inelastic
  6. Blood flow is slow
  7. Having a lot of valves
  8. Blood dripped when injured
  9. Blood clot more easily
  10. Dark red color of the arteries
  11. Larger diameter (due to vessel wall thickness that is different)
How ? Already know the difference? If not, you must read it again. I think that is quite clear and quite so first to the authors write, may be useful for us all. If there is any criticism, suggestions, rebuttals, and apply, please attach a comment.

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